When the darkness settles and the moon rises high,
I sit on my bed and I stare at the sky,
Dig into the darkness and uncover my thought,
Then capture it on paper, and suddenly I'm caught.

In writing about what I fear and I doubt,
All my struggles and troubles, and slowly figure out,
Solutions to problems and what I should do,
To start a new life, or to get me through.

I write about love and I write about hate,
Endless poems and lyrics I create, but wait...
If I put together this hobby of mine with work,
I guess, I'll save some time...?

This was me last year


And so I did! I now sell lyrics and prose - of any style or genre you want. It's super simple.

My name is Bob Axell. I am a 33 year old freelance writer and designer currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. I wrote the above when I started this site (it's only been slightly altered since then), and I've been writing poems since I was 8, so you could say this is my life and legacy. Some of these poems turned into songs, and after a while I was writing both poems, and lyrics, and stories, and more. Since poems are recited the structure is a bit different than it is for music, but I've made many of my poems into lyrics as well, and vice versa.

Somehow I didn't end up pursuing my early dreams of being a singer, but I've found a purpose in my writing. I can write personal songs, I can write songs dedicated to people - about people - for people. I can adapt to different musicians' styles. If you're inspired by a specific band I can make music that is similar to theirs. If you don't want a song, I can write you a poem, or anything, really. Feel free to send me questions or requests directly, if the form on the main page is too daunting. You can reach me here.

Looking forward to writing for you!

All the best,

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